Tim Burke

Group Creative Director

Tim is a writer and Group Creative Director at Eicoff, North America’s leading DRTV agency. In his 20 years of advertising experience, Tim has enjoyed working in just about every type of medium for a variety of clients, including UnitedHealthcare, Kraft, T-Mobile, Chase and Tommie Copper. At Eicoff, he leads creative and production teams developing ads for TV, digital video and radio. Tim initiated the agency’s social media practice, and heads content development for promoting the agency on social channels.

As a veteran in direct response, Tim understands what gets results and what does not. While the media landscape is evolving every day, the objectives remain constant: measurable results, increased sales, effective ROI. The importance of data is undeniable. Tim is helping refine Eicoff’s methodology for incorporating data into the creative process.

Tim has a B.A. in English and American Studies from Boston College, and is a published author.