Katz Media Group

Stacey Schulman

Executive Vice President, Strategy & Analytics

Stacey Lynn Schulman is Executive Vice President of Strategy, Analytics and Research for Katz Media Group.

In her role, Stacey leads a team of professionals across both Katz Radio and Katz Television Groups, to provide world-class audience and consumer analytics for Katz partners, advertisers and agencies. Stacey is focused on developing new insights, techniques and approaches that champions local media, bringing additional revenue into the radio sector and expanding the target-ability of broadcast television.

Stacey joined Katz from TVB, the television station marketing association, where she served as Chief Research Officer and was responsible for driving insights on the value of local broadcast television. Prior to TVB, Stacey served as Senior Vice President at Turner Broadcasting where she oversaw sales and marketing research across Turner’s entertainment and sports brands and their digital extensions. Stacey joined Turner from The Interpublic Group, where she was the President of the holding company’s Consumer Experience Practice. Prior to Interpublic, Stacey served as Executive Vice President, Director of Global Research Integration for Initiative, a media agency within the Interpublic family.

Stacey is most well known for her work as a futurist and fan culture expert, driving innovation in analog, digital and social media convergence. Her award-winning interactivity work, in partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), was a pre-cursor and model for today’s 360 degree media engagements with fans and consumers. Stacey was most recently honored as the Gold Medal recipient in the Innovation category at the ARF’s Great Mind Awards in 2012.