Naveen Rajdev

Chief Marketing Officer


He is leading Wipro’s marketing strategy at a time when the company is making the largest number of acquisitions in its history. Naveen drives marketing beyond a traditional linear, one-dimensional marketing approach to spearhead Wipro’s own “digital transformation.”

Naveen also established a new, unified brand architecture for Wipro after more than two decades, and successfully integrated twelve venture investments and five global acquisitions under the unified Wipro brand. Naveen passionately drives use of innovative digital solutions, emerging technology, and consumer insights to tell Wipro’s brand’s story and build deeper customer connections.

A true believer of the Agile approach, he has assembled an in-house skunk-works MinK (Marketing Innovation and Creativity) team that builds and implements emerging technologies for marketing and customer engagement. Naveen has also successfully launched two global Innovation Centers to serve as collaborative workspaces with customers, prototype ideas before production and showcase the latest technological innovations.

In his personal life as well, Naveen is an advocate for technology and marketing’s strengths to tell powerful stories, and the power of branding to promote and enrich the communities we live in. He lives in Atlanta and serves on the board of the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, advising their vibrant “ChooseATL” campaign to promote Atlanta’s global brand.

Naveen has been recognized as a marketing innovator in outlets including The Huffington Post, Forbes and ADOBE/CMO.com’s new podcast, “Experience Makers.” His writing has appeared in Forbes, Fast Company, AdAge and Entrepreneur.