Experian Marketing Services

Kevin Dean

President and General Manager

Kevin Dean is the president and general manager of Experian Marketing Services, the primary data, identity linkage, and audience activation partner in the advertising industry today. Under Dean’s leadership, Experian Marketing Services has emerged as the centerpiece of today’s data-fueled revolution in advertising, serving as the common link and trusted data execution partner for the advertisers, agencies, technology vendors and publishers that make up the advertising and marketing technology industry today. Dean joined Experian in 2011 as Senior Vice President, Global Product Management. During his tenure in that role, Dean led the global expansion of Experian’s extensive marketing data assets and services and invested heavily in the acquisition and compilation of data, lifecycle product management and product innovation which became the foundation of the company’s transition from direct marketing into digital advertising. Kevin received his MBA from the University of Akron and holds a BA in History also from the University of Akron.