Live Nation

Julia Heiser

Executive Vice President, Digital Marketing, NA Concerts

Julia oversees Live Nation’s ever expanding digital marketing team which creates, executes and defines trailblazing digital marketing strategy in tandem with today’s leading edge tech companies and the world’s most incredible musical artists.

In the evolving digital world, Julia and team must be nimble in expanding the arsenal, so that the fan in all of us never misses another show. This task has grown evermore important in Live Nation’s touring business, as stakeholders expect more direct to fan access than ever before, while fans demand the most fluid connectivity to the live event experience as possible.
Ad tech. Platform Disruption. Content Creation. Data Slicing and Dicing. Strategy & Innovation. Moving at the speed of light because the tour announce is moving up to yesterday… it’s all Julia’s Jam.

Whether pitching managers, agents or the creators themselves, the mission is always rooted in maintaining perpetual digital creativity.

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