John Oberon


John Oberon is the President – DecisionMinesTM for Digital Excellence. This premise-agnostic effort harnesses the power of data to grow, enhance, and optimize business systems.

John is a results-oriented technical leader who drives the balance between stakeholder, customer, and employee needs. His profound industry expertise helps orchestrate the DecisionMinesTM portfolio—from Product Management, Development and Support to Business Development, Sales, and Marketing.

John has decades of experience in delivering innovative and complete lifecycle solution frameworks across the software industry. He has been a dexterous contributor to the technical innovation and agile development of leading organizations such as Cisco, Mashery, and Intuit and has spent 12 years at Microsoft focusing on developer-facing technologies including MSDN, SQL Server, and High Performance Computing.

Music is John’s passion. The activity fuels his desire to create, devise, deconstruct, harmonize, and innovate. He is also an executive champion for women in engineering and has spoken at multiple conferences such as Grace Hopper, IEEE WIE, Girls-Who-Code, and Men for Inclusion, to help bring diversity into the workforce.

John holds several patents, as well as a Computer Science degree from the California State University.