Jeff Stender

Global Digital Experience Leader

Jeff loves solving puzzles, building relationships, and exploring new technology. Starting his career at Carlson Hotels Worldwide, he entered the digital frontier as the Internet and travel industries became best friends. From there, he moved on to Carlson Marketing Group to work with clients such as The Home Depot, Mercedes-Benz, and British Airways before lending his expertise to retail giant Target Corporation. Various social media and digital roles across a number of verticals at international powerhouse 3M led Jeff to head Digital Experience for the multibillion-dollar Industiral Adhesvies and Tapes division, where he drives digital product development to scale 3M’s technical knowledge and bring the company closer to its customers.

Jeff is a husband and dad, and loves to play music, try new recipes, travel, read, snowboard, and run. Jeff holds bachelor degrees in English and business management from Saint John’s University (Collegeville, MN).