Gary Ng

VP, Data Science

As vice president of data science at Verve, Gary Ng is responsible for the location-based technology and methodologies behind Verve’s mobile marketing platform. Gary leads a team of data scientists developing ways to manage and leverage location data for effective campaign targeting and outcome measurement.

Gary’s focus is in core technology development, and accumulated his experience from his work in semantic technology, enterprise metadata management, data integration, data visualization and academic research. Gary was the first employee and lead engineer of the semantic technology startup, Cerebra. He led algorithms, tools and custom solutions development until the company was acquired by webMethods (then acquired by Software AG); where he continued to serve as the director of product development. Prior to Verve, Gary also held technical advisory roles at a number of software companies across online advertising, e-commerce and signal intelligence.

Gary holds a PhD, Master and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Manchester.