Center for the Digital Future, USC Annenberg

Brad Berens

Chief Strategy Officer

Futurist, analyst and trusted advisor to companies of all sizes and all over the world, Dr. Brad Berens has enjoyed a wide-ranging career that has storytelling as an organizing theme. He is a Chief Strategy Officer at the USC Annenberg Center for the Digital Future, where he leads both the Future of Transportation and Connected Experiences projects, principal at Big Digital Idea Consulting, and an Advisor to the Ascendant Network.

Earlier, Brad had a long tenure as the Global Chief Content Officer for dmg events’ digital portfolio (including ad:tech, iMedia, the Digital Collective and the CMO Collective), was the digital editor at Internet Service Provider EarthLink, and spent several years as a Hollywood story analyst at studios, agencies and production houses like DreamWorks, New Regency, CAA and Mirage. He started his career as an award-winning teacher of Shakespeare and writing at U.C. Berkeley, and wants everybody who loves science fiction to go buy and read his novel, “Redcrosse.”

Called “inspirational,” “impactful” and “mesmerizing” as a speaker and his advice “a secret weapon digital marketers,” Brad moves gracefully from the digital world to the “real” world and back again. Learn too much more about him in all the usual places: Google, LinkedIn, on Twitter as @bradberens and on his website:

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