Rosland Capital

Andrew Gledhill

Chief Marketing Officer

Andrew is accountable for the marketing and product development activities of Rosland Capital – a B2C seller of gold and silver – in the US, UK, and Germany. Andrew works directly with 17 (at the last count) outside entities, from agencies and media buyers to event organizers and designers of licensed, limited edition coins, in order to generate qualified leads for salespeople, and give them unique inventory to sell. The ever-present need to identify the best channels for generating leads, and to track sales trends across product lines and geographies, dictates a reliance on data. Andrew’s background is in product development and marketing – primarily within the drinks trade – and in advertising agencies large and small, leading strategy and engagement on accounts from Activision to Xerox. A resident of Santa Monica, California, was born Scottish, became American, and has for quite a while been Executive Platinum.

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