Workshop: Integrated Marketing Across Established and Emerging Channels

Sunday October 7th, 2018 • 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm • Room 114

Two unique and distinct marketing masters will provide a step by step playbook for mastering integrated marketing.

Beth Smith a 30-year award-winning veteran of the Direct Marketing Wars will provide a cram course on how today’s world-class marketers – large and small – are reinterpreting the core principles of Direct Marketing. You’ll learn why general advertising techniques really do flame out in direct marketing. You’ll know – and not just wonder – what makes a difference in your response rates. You’ll find out why customer acquisition does not matter without one key element.

Meredith Ferguson, Managing Director of DoSomething Strategic, will build off of Beth’s insights to take your direct marketing efforts beyond traditional channels to the emerging points of engagement where you’ll connect with millennials and Gen-z.

Together these two will help you find the value in every customer touchpoint while seamlessly integrating your marketing messages across them.