Workshop: Echo Case Studies & The Greatest. Debated

Sunday October 7th, 2018 • 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm • Room 112

1. Data-inspired storytelling

The International ECHO Awards attracts the best data-inspired marketing campaigns from over 28 countries. This is your chance to get exclusive access to the insights behind the case studies and hear first-hand from the people behind the work…the bravery, the challenges and the success.

We’ve selected five of the most original campaigns from all over the globe to inspire you with supercharged 20 minute case study presentations focussing on the latest technology, the latest innovation and breath-taking creativity. Expect to leave with lots of new ideas for 2019.

Case Study 1: The Original Brushes of Edvard Munch – How to activate customers in the digital era
The works of the masters live on. But whatever happened to the tools that made the masterpieces come to life? In a new initiative the over 100-year-old original paint brushes of Norwegian master painter Edvard Munch, creator of the world-famous painting ’The Scream’, have been digitized for the digital age. Follow behind the scenes of a campaign created to inspire and engage a new generation of artists to paint like a master in Adobe Photoshop, using a piece of art history.

Oskar Hellqvist
Creative Director

Case Study 2: Destination Pride – The Simplicity Paradox

How to harness complexity through collaboration and creativity – and make a breakthrough digital travel utility for the LGBTQ+ community.

Ian Mackenzie
Executive Creative Director

Case Study 3: Energy Broadcast System: How We Connected Marathon Runners to Fans When it Mattered Most

Energy Broadcast System is an idea that was hewn from far flung ambition, a colossal eleventh hour technology failure and, ultimately, a relentless devotion to refine the idea to its purest form. This presentation will share the process from a golden brief…to a crash ideation session…to the genesis of the concept as Transparathon: Revealing the Heart of the Race…to frustrating and fruitless experiments with AR…to an epiphany around data to drive unexpected and authentic human connections…and finally to a solution that required first-class developer chops, a clever use of third party tools and a little spit and string on race day to realize an experience that could possibly revolutionize the world’s oldest sporting event.

Troy Hitch
Chief Innovation Officer
Barefoot Proximity/BBDO
United States

Case Study 4: USPS Operation Santa – A new platform that lets anyone become Santa Claus

Every year, the U.S. Postal Service receives millions of hope-filled letters addressed to Santa. Though technically undeliverable, the Postal Service wanted to ensure these heartfelt letters to be answered.

But the good news is, everything Santa knows about us is found in those letters. The data he would use is the same data we could provide to good folks who want to help. So, for kids who would not otherwise get a response, we set out to make the reading, adopting and responding to these letters to Santa accessible and seamless for a wide audience.

To do so, we created a full user journey that carried people from receiving letters to delivering gifts, protecting the identities of the kids along the way. The platform hosted copies of the handwritten letters and reached thousands of people, using data in new and exciting ways.

USPS Operation Santa helped deliver holiday magic for families who can’t afford it—magic provided by good people who want to help create holiday miracles. The program was piloted in NYC last year. Its proven success means that it will roll out to major cities across the USA in 2018.

Tony Jones
VP, Creative Director

Case Study 5: SickKids: From charity to performance brand.

The Hospital For Sick Children in Toronto’s building was old and in desperate need of a major overhaul. A 1.3 billion dollar one!

The typical sad and helpless advertising approach they (and most charities) always relied on no longer broke through. We needed a radically different approach.

We decided to stop talking like a charity and start acting like a performance brand. We focused on the knock-down-drag-out, never give up will to win that was always there in our doctors, nurses, and patients. This is the story of how we jolted donors off the sidelines and got them into the fight and rallied an entire city behind the biggest fundraising effort in Canadian history.

Rosie Gentile
SVP Strategy

2. The Greatest. Debated

Get your ringside seats for a Vegas bout with a difference. We’ve got four world champion creatives and strategists that chaired the 2018 ECHO Awards judging to speed pitch their favourite campaigns that inspired through creativity, innovation and brave ideas. Following the pitches, the four judges will fight it out in a feisty debate to compete for the audience votes. Expect to be inspired by the work and entertained by the debate….and this time you’re the judge with real-time voting deciding on the winner.

In the Blue corner:
Scott Pinkney
VP Executive Creative Director
Publicis Hawkeye

In the Red corner:
Alan Kittle
SVP Creative and Strategy
Harte Hanks

In the Yellow corner:
Tracy B YoungLincoln
EVP Data, Technology & Intelligence

In the Green corner:
Michael Cruz
Chief Content officer