Smart AND Beautiful: Striking a Balance Between Data-Driven and Exquisitely Experiential Spaces

Sunday October 8th • 2:30 pm - 2:45 pm • Rivergate Room

Automated retail, exemplified by the Amazon Go store prototype in Seattle, is catalyzing a strong industry push toward creating pop-up selling units endowed with convenient “Just Walk Out” technology. Similarly, the advertising industry is rushing to craft data-driven campaigns that harness real-time data to capture sentiment during live events. Both trends leverage recent progress in computer vision, deep learning and sensor fusion that are the same technologies at work in self-driving cars.

While data has its virtues and helps marketers develop insights about “what people are thinking,” emotions still guide the shoppers’ final choice. How can marketers reconcile a creative approach that leverages in-house design talent and enchants shoppers, with the powerful tools offered by deep learning and data? During this presentation, attendees will learn about:

  • Internal processes and culture that help interdisciplinary teams create activation campaigns and experiential spaces that are both smart and beautiful
  • Probabilistic thinking methods that allow project stakeholders to blend human observations about the quality of an experience with data
  • How Sensing Places has used computer vision, deep learning and sensor fusion to create compelling personalized augmented reality experiences, showrooms and activations