Track 5 – Media - Sponsored by Claritas

Unlocking Your Data to Break Down Marketing Channel Silos

Tuesday October 10th • 10:45 am - 11:45 am • Room 217-219

Engage with our panel of industry leaders and hear how they’re leveraging data-driven digital, social and traditional media to optimize ROI and response rates. Representing a variety of verticals, these brand marketing experts will share their perspectives why data science is “a must” to breakdown the channel silos and how marketers can get started on this path. Discover how they have combined data and technology platforms to open new cross-platform opportunities.

Key session takeaways will include:

  • Tactics for leveraging data to break down existing silos within a marketing organization
  • New opportunities for combining technology and data science to engage both B2B and B2C audiences
  • Real-life examples of cross-platform technologies and strategies in action


Spotlight on Claritas – Segmentation: Old School Can Still Be Cool

Attendees of this session will also hear opening remarks from Claritas, the presenting sponsor of &THEN’s Media track, and client MetroPCS. MetroPCS has achieved measurable success using easily accessible segmentation tools that many marketers may think of as old school. Sometimes the shiny object isn’t always what’s best for achieving your business’ objectives.  And, better yet, it doesn’t always need to be an expensive and complicated solution, just a smart one.

MetroPCS has used syndicated segmentation optimized on technology behaviors to achieve response rates — often 10 times higher than traditional marketing response rates — in ALL channels.

Laura Cochran from Claritas will host a Q&A session with David Dempster from MetroPCS to understand how he’s been successful acquiring their “Purple People” across all channels in a cost-effective manner. Come see how it’s done and how you can apply these learnings to find your “true” best customers and achieve measurable results across all channels.


Laura Cochran, VP of Innovation, Claritas
David Dempster, Sr. Manager, National Direct Marketing, T-Mobile

Who should attend? Brand marketers, media agencies and tech providers specializing in the ad-tech, mar-tech and marketing cloud solutions.