Personalized Experience

Targeting the World: Content Production for Everyone Everywhere

Monday October 8th, 2018 • 11:10 am - 11:50 am • Room 113

The sun has officially set on the “big idea,” and microtargeting has become the new norm for engaging content. Singular messaging doesn’t efficiently speak to everyone in a particular audience, and we now have the ability to target customers and audiences on a hyperlocal level. Speaking directly to them with personalized messages based on behavioral data. The challenge with this new way of marketing is the ability to create multiple varied messages, on the same limited budget. How do you create messaging for everyone in a way that is cost-effective and yet still engaging? With a creative ecosystem and streamlined process, marketers can produce content at an unprecedented volume and quality for fractions of the traditional price, thus allowing creators to hit every microsegment around the globe. In this session, Grant Munro, General Manager of Shutterstock Custom, and Edlynne Larea, Global Director of Digital Partnerships for Johnson and Johnson, will demonstrate tools and strategies for successful microtargeting.

  1. The importance of hyperlocal targeting and communication
  2. How to leverage behavioral data to create personalized messaging
  3. Tools and strategies for creating multiple varied messages in a streamlined process without going over-budget