Track 4 – Personalization - Sponsored by Oracle

State of Play: AI-Enabled Personalization

Monday 2017 October 9th • 3:30 pm - 4:15 pm • Room 211-213

Artificial intelligence (AI) makes it possible to treat every marketing prospect as a unique and valuable individual. As such, it’s no wonder that AI is the 2017 buzzword to trump all buzzwords in marketing and advertising circles. Brands, agencies, publishers and service providers alike are ramping up investment in new capabilities. But how close are we, as an industry, to truly realizing the possibility of AI-driven personalization at scale. In this session, attendees will get a frank look and the state of AI affairs and what’s on the near horizon.

Key discussions will include:

  • The most promising AI platforms and solutions currently on the market
  • Pitfalls and opportunities to keep in mind during the implementation of AI marketing capabilities
  • Insights from brand leaders who have delved headfirst into this exciting new pool of potential

Who should attend? Retailers, brand marketers, brand merchandisers, e-commerce specialists and partners responsible for personalization and optimization of the customer journey.