Track 5 – Media - Sponsored by Claritas

Programmatic: Beyond Media and into Storytelling

Tuesday October 10th • 2:45 pm - 3:30 pm • Room 217-219

Much of the growth in digital media spending comes from the growth in programmatic spend. Within banner display and video formats, programmatic spend is expected to grow to $36.8 billion by 2019. And yet, while many brands are still scurrying to embrace and implement programmatic solutions, they find that they’re chasing a moving target.

Programmatic media buying is evolving, and that’s not all. Programmatic capabilities are also extending into the production realm, and leading brands like Coca-Cola are already tapping into the opportunity. Programmatic production is about anticipating the requirements of adaptive storytelling and the dynamic story assembly needed to deliver it. Programmatic media buying is old news, but with few exceptions the “dynamic” content being delivered is still pretty basic. However, once convergent video display technologies catch up, the demand for sophisticated, emotionally relevant, dynamic content will ratchet up at light-speed. Learn how to anticipate the requirements of in-channel, machine-based, dynamic story assembly, within modern film and video production processes.

During this session, industry leaders from Kepler Group and Coca-Cola will discuss the next evolution of programmatic. Key takeaways will include:

  • Missed opportunities in today’s programmatic landscape
  • How programmatic might evolve to define the future state of all marketing
  • The data implications of programmatic and how to adapt internally
  • Insights into Coca-Cola’s future-looking approach to programmatic production

Who should attend? Brand marketers, media agencies and tech providers specializing in the ad-tech, mar-tech and marketing cloud solutions.