Personalized Experience

Personalizing Experiences to the Psychology of Choice

Monday October 8th, 2018 • 2:25 pm - 3:05 pm • Room 113

Chances are you’re wasting 90% of your marketing resources! This is because most marketing campaigns target the conscious mind that only drives 10% of our thoughts while our unconscious mind drives the other 90%. And because our conscious and unconscious minds are worlds apart when it comes to the values that inspire us, motivate us, and drive our behavior. On top of this, consumers are outrageously inconsistent and irrational – driven by deep-rooted schemata that trump all reality and often truth. Creating psychologically relevant messaging and customer experiences are more critical than ever in order to break through to the triggers of choice and build sales and ROI. This session will teach you how your consumers really think – right or wrong, why transactional data alone is not enough, and how to create experiences that engage and ignite enthusiasm for your brand.

You’ll learn:

  • How to appeal to the unconscious mind in order to capture attention and engage customers on a personalized journey to YES
  • How to apply key findings from psychologists like Freud, Jung, Kahnemann and Ariely to get more ROI from your content and customer experience programs.
  • How psychology based marketing and creative can achieve “unthinkable results.”
  • How brands, large and small, developed personalized marketing programs that achieved mind-blowing results.

This session will be presented by psychology based marketing expert, author and columnist, Jeanette McMurtry; and Shelley Sweeney, VP/GM of Xerox’s personalized marketing programs for brands in all industries. Together, they’ve earned top ratings for valuable, interactive sessions, and have lead many brands to unthinkable ROI for personalized marketing and experience campaigns.”