Opening Keynote: “Transforming a Timeless Brand in Real Time” by Michelle Peluso, CMO, IBM

Monday October 9th • 9:00 am - 10:00 am • Inspiration Zone, Great Hall

Is there a more famous trio of letters in marketing than IBM? “Big Blue” has immense brand longevity that transcends time and industry disruption. However, what stands behind the icon has changed radically since the days when International Business Machines sold punched card and tabulating machines. The new IBM is completely centered on the end user, and the strategic organization and transformation of data.

Leading the charge for IBM’s Digital Marketing transformation is their Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, Michelle Peluso. In &THEN 2017’s opening keynote address, Peluso will share why the future of marketing is bright when creativity and data are linked at the core of a company’s DNA. IBM is building the art of the possible on a foundation of insight emerging from a connected ecosystem of data and brand expertise.

So what happens when you combine man and machine? Augmented Intelligence has been a major focus for IBM since the debut of Watson in 2011. Peluso will demonstrate how all marketers can benefit from new data technologies, like Watson, to reach new levels of customer knowledge and apply it to drive customer engagement, brand loyalty and better return on marketing efforts.

You’ll learn:

  • How brand power can remain even when the product changes.
  • How data-driven marketing leads to unique customer insights.
  • How Augmented Intelligence strengthens a marketer’s intuition rather than replacing it.