Blockchain Marketing

No BS Blockchain: Real Insights for Brands

Tuesday October 9th, 2018 • 11:00 am - 11:40 am • Room 124

Get a firsthand view into a live, in-market blockchain solution for advertisers. This session will walk you through Lucidity, a scalable, secure, and private blockchain solution for verifying advertising analytics.

  • Learn how Lucidity’s pilot program with the IAB Tech Lab uncovered cost savings for brands by eliminating discrepant data
  • See a brand case study from a first-to-market adopter
  • Understand what blockchain brings to the table that other traditional technologies cannot
  • Discuss ways that blockchain can provide transparency into the programmatic advertising supply chain, provide an auditable set of data, eliminate discrepancies, and ultimately avoid wasteful spending
  • Get tips for vetting blockchain partners and identifying legitimate blockchain products