Midday Keynote: “The Fourth Transformation: Mixed Reality as the Future of Technology and Marketing”

Tuesday October 10th • 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm • Inspiration Zone, Great Hall

With the launch of the augmented reality (AR) enabled iPhone 8 in September of 2017, Apple has extended the canvas of interactivity for its users. Now, beyond the ordinary capabilities of the supercomputer in every iPhone user’s pocket, AR creates an interactive information layer on top of everything a user sees either through the phone’s camera or via special heads-up display (HUD) glasses. The world is now a ubiquitous computing environment, and a ubiquitous computing environment is also a ubiquitous marketing environment — that’s good news for brands! 

In today’s keynote address, longtime technology evangelist and author Robert Scoble — along with a special guest brand speaker Amanda Manna, Head of Narrative and Partnerships, Lowe’s Innovation Labs — will explore the exciting new opportunities that AR creates for brands, from new ad formats to entirely branded experiences and more. 

You’ll see:

  • Dos and don’ts for augmented reality
  • Sharpest edge brand case studies from the iPhone 8’s launch partners
  • Where Apple is taking this technology next