Lunch and Midday Keynote: “Tomorrowcasting: Prepare Your Brand Today to Dominate Tomorrow” by Naveen Rajdev, CMO, Wipro

Monday October 9th • 12:15 pm - 1:00 pm • Inspiration Zone, Great Hall Sponsored By

Plenty of marketers talk about customer-centricity and mastering innovation, but that’s not where brand transformation really starts. Over the past year, Wipro — one of the world’s largest digital and technology companies — has gone through a total brand relaunch. Now, Wipro is extending that work into a transformation of the company’s culture. The results are already paying off with energized workforce, client wins, higher analyst reviews and a growing profile within the industry.

How can you achieve similar results for your brand? In today’s engaging sponsored keynote session, Wipro’s Chief Marketing Officer Naveen Rajdev will take you on a tour of Wipro’s brand transformation process from the ground up. He’ll share hard-earned lessons, best practices and unexpected speed bumps about what it takes to transform your brand—whether you’re already a dominant player in your industry or a disruptive newcomer tackling the status quo.

You’ll learn:

  • Why today is the best time for you to commit to brand transformation
  • How big data and small data enable this transformation
  • Why marketers need to think beyond customer experience