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How to improve customer lifetime value by keeping the customer first

Tuesday October 9th, 2018 • 11:00 am - 11:40 am • Room 113

More and more companies are pivoting to a subscription-based revenue model – from software companies like Adobe to CPG companies like Gillette. New entrants to subscription models have been growing at 200% annually since 2011. Existing industries with recurring revenue models like insurance, utilities, and telecommunications are being disrupted by upstarts as they leverage data and power their business with advanced data analytics and technologies like Machine Learning and AI. Given these tectonic shifts, executives need to rethink what drives customer lifetime value. Traditionally marketing has been critical as customer acquisition has been a key driver of Customer Lifetime Value – but with a move to recurring revenue models like subscriptions, we need to pivot our approach and ask – how do we improve Customer Lifetime Value by Keep Customers First. This session will help executives Develop an End to End Mindset: What is your customer journey and how do we bolster our understanding of the customer touchpoints to improve customer retention Develop a Fresh Perspective on Metrics that Matter: How we work to leverage data that is currently locked in traditional organizational silos