Track 1 – Business - Sponsored by IBM

If My Fridge Can Order Food… Customer Engagement in the Age of AI

Monday October 9th • 2:15 pm - 3:00 pm • Rivergate Room

Attendees of this session will hear from IBM, the presenting sponsor of &THEN’s How Data Drives Business Outcomes track, regarding customer engagement in the age of AI. Consumers live in an era where interacting with smart devices in their homes completes many of their daily tasks. While these innovations deliver simplicity and convenience, they also heighten expectations for how just about everything should work. As a consequence, marketers face a tremendous challenge to deliver this level of service in each customer interaction.

Cognitive computing in marketing focuses on a single goal: to enable smarter, faster decisions. With the aid of artificial intelligence, marketers are better able to deliver exceptional experiences that produce desired outcomes for both the business and its customers. This discussion will focus on the ways that cognitive is shaping the marketing practice and the many use cases for infusing artificial intelligence into the marketing workflow.