ECHO Case Study: The Great Clips Customer Journey

Sunday October 8th • 3:30 pm - 3:40 pm • Rivergate Room

Salon retailer Great Clips’ customer journey strategy is designed to devise and implement corporate and franchise integrated marketing programs that incrementally and profitably increase customer visits using targeted, timely promotions across channels, through use of a data-enriched  “applied learning” marketing portal and platform called “Journey 121.”

Customer transaction and type of haircut information are captured for each visit, which allows Great Clips to segment and market to customers based upon visit frequency (customer behavior), personal haircut style (customer preference), and salon proximity (location data).

Prospects and customers are modeled using geographic and demographic information to score and select “best” prospects to match with creative that resonates with each customer/prospect life stage. Great Clips then implements 1:1 marketing programs with franchisee participation. The Journey 121 platform allows salons to select the right mix of programs, creative, and weekly volumes to enable market-wide 1:1 promotions. More than 85 percent of 4,050 salons participate in at least one of three brand-directed 1:1 marketing programs (acquisition, transition customer, and win-back). You’ll learn more about the success behind this platform during this insightful ECHO case study.