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Data-Driven Marketing in the Age of Platform Confusion: Clearing the Air about Customer Data Platforms

Monday October 9th • 1:15 pm - 1:35 pm • Whitepaper Live Theater Sponsored By

In the age of the empowered, multi-screen mobile consumer, harnessing customer data has become the key enabler to optimizing customer engagement. While building a holistic view of the customer grows in importance, doing so across increasingly complex marketing stacks and proliferating real-time channels has become daunting. Today’s marketing leaders are expected to take charge of managing and operationalizing customer data to enhance experiences across the customer journey. Marketers who are data fluent — and can make sense of the new technology — have an advantage. Those who don’t need to get data-smart — and fast. In this session, RedPoint Global Chief Technical Officer George Corugedo will clear the air about one of today’s most talked about solutions for addressing the customer data issue: customer data platforms (CDPs). Join this session to discover:

  • The underlying challenges that prevent data from being operationalized for enterprise customer engagement. Learn what the roadblocks are to delivering the kind of high-touch, high-speed experience customers have come to expect. Learn where to look for problems and the smart questions to ask your IT pros or service providers when investigating solutions.
  • The requirements needed to maximize the use of data to create the personalized experiences and innovation you envision for your enterprise. Gain insight into the types of data that are important, how they should be managed, and how best to optimize them.
  • The customer data management options that can provide you with the holistic view you need to execute personalized, contextual, real-time experiences for customers. Learn the differences between CDPs, DMPs, and data warehouses. Understand better what these technologies can do for you, when they’re best utilized, and how to distinguish between them.

Speaker: George Corugedo, Chief Technical Officer, RedPoint Global