Media Automation

Data All Stars | Brand Safety in the Third-Party Data Ecosystem

Monday October 8th, 2018 • 11:10 am - 11:50 am • Room 122

Evaluating and testing audience data sources – among ad partners in the data supply chain – is table stakes, right? Well perhaps not – but it should be! While third-party data provides invaluable, even essential, insights on both prospects and customers, there’s weaknesses in the ecosystem that have to be eradicated, global restrictions notwithstanding. Brand safety demands that advertising content everywhere be welcomed, viewable and well positioned for user engagement. Rather than shying away from third-party data because of brand activation concerns, marketers need to take steps to prove the quality, transparency, scalability, and responsibility of all data sources they collect and use. We examine what are some practical steps brands, publishers, ad tech companies and agencies can now take to project confidence and trust in third-party data – and across the entire data-driven marketing ecosystem.

  • Learn how to evaluate the quality of third-party data sources used for analytics, first-party data appends, segmentation, triggers and other business rules and applications across digital channels;
  • Understand how to spot and isolate suspect data – and fraud – infecting the marketing mix, and protect against their use;
  • Identify industry initiatives to bolster trust and confidence in marketing data sources – and how to employ and participate in these programs.