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Are You Data-Able or Are You Stuck in the Mud? Data-Driven Marketing with a 360-Degree Customer View

Tuesday October 10th • 10:15 am - 10:35 am • Whitepaper Live Theater Sponsored By

Today’s data-driven marketers are asked to deliver a personalized customer experience. This requires being able to capture and leverage customer data from online and offline channels. However, less than a quarter of enterprise marketers are able to accomplish the necessary data-related tasks without challenge. A customer 360-degree view, or single customer view, is consistently ranked at the top of the list as a valuable data-related strategy amongst marketers. A single customer view creates that solid foundation to overcome data-related challenges; however, there are only a few who are accomplishing this. Why? Do marketers lack the sophistication to handle data management? Or, is it the cost and the complexity of the tools available that is the barrier to adoption?  

This session will explore obstacles to achieving a data management strategy, how to overcome those challenges, and how to turn strategy into action.

Speaker: Corrie Brague, Director of Product Management, Quadient (formerly GMC Software)