Charting the Digital Future

Sunday October 8th • 1:15 pm - 1:35 pm • Room 208-210

Since its inception, the internet has changed human life as we know it and continues to do so. And that was just the warmup: the arrival of Artificial Intelligence, driverless cars and virtual reality will change things again and even more profoundly. Far beyond marketing, the next phase of the digital revolution will force us to renegotiate the key relationships we have with each other, our jobs, the media we consume, the things we buy, the money we save and spend, how we get around and how we stay healthy.

Building on 17 years of longitudinal research in the U.S. and with the World Internet Project, the Center for the Digital Future’s Brad Berens will share with &THEN attendees the Center’s vision for the near and middle term future and what marketers and advertisers need to do now to get ready for it. You’ll learn:

  • How the car windshield will become the second most important screen in a person’s life
  • Why the bank of the future probably isn’t the bank you use today
  • How the human body itself will become a new medium for advertising
  • And more!