Media Automation

Bridging the Real World / Digital Divide: Smart Segmentation on Steroids

Monday October 8th, 2018 • 1:35 pm - 2:15 pm • Room 122

Today’s connected consumer is barraged with brand facts and figures: including a barrage of banner ads, uninvited, untimely and uninformed.

Yet, what today’s connected consumers yearn for are connected experiences and messages that bridge the digital/real world divide building powerful brands, solutions and sales.

Gayle Fuguitt will share innovative unique approaches, case studies and data stories. Powerful technology applications that transform the places consumers go in the real world—their “foot traffic journey,” into valuable target audiences, and experiences. Foursquare is at the forefront building Speed to Scale to drive Sales.

From mass markets to custom target audiences,
From fact-based brand messaging to powerful contextually relevant connections,
From data facts to integrated data stories that open up your consumer’s world view and needs—finally delivering precision at scale: Head, Heart and Feet.