Identity Zone - Experience Zone

The Audience First Strategy

Tuesday October 10th • 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm • Identity Zone

In the B2B Digital Marketing world, measuring from impression to conversion and appropriately estimating attribution has become increasingly challenging with the pervasive nature of multi-device and privacy sensitive visitors. To improve the accuracy of attribution reporting, lead generation and conversion through personalization of content and messaging (DCO), IBM has developed a universal user profile for visitors. Join us to learn how this unique profile is built from first and third party data sources as visitors journey through IBM properties and stitched together to create rich, privacy-compliant consumer profiles. Real-time availability of this rich profile of information for personalization and generating data for audience creation is paying rich dividends through increased engagement and an “Audience First” strategy.

Andrew Douglas, Vice Preseident, Data Analytics and Data Driven Strategy, IBM
Rajesh Singi , Distinguished Engineer and Chief Technical Officer of DDA Platform, IBM