By Eric Schaal

Of the 1,001 problems your company might have with data, quantity is not one. Whether you are listening to an agency pitch or trying to deliver a coherent report for in-house marketers, the pressure is on to make constructive use of the seemingly endless data files. For example, you might like to see the statistics chip away at marketing channel silos.

At &THEN 2017, the focus is on using available numbers to solve problems like these now. With data science already powering the best campaigns, your team can no longer afford to struggle with these issues. You need a unifying theme for your efforts across different platforms, and you probably need it now.

The good news: Executives from Sling TV, Prudential Financial and other top brands will head a panel shedding light on these issues on October 10.

Why the Silos Hurt Your Brand

Consumers utilize multiple channels for a reason. One may be more convenient at work, while another may be more enjoyable at home or during the commute.

What does it say to them when they get mixed messages on each platform? In short, incoherent messaging sheds a negative light on the brand. Consumers walk away from the experience with a disjointed feeling. It can lead to abandoned transactions, a negative comment to co-workers or just a generally lower opinion of a company.

One common mistake involves the jump between social media and web browsing. When one of your customers comes across a social post by your brand, they may be amazed to see a whole different language, as if your team imagined a much younger person went to Facebook for that interaction.

In actuality, it was the same consumer who probably wanted to see what you were doing on social during a lunch break. As a result, you may lose the chance to speak to the same person on multiple networks. Being disjointed limits a brand’s opportunities.

How Data Can Break Down the Barriers

The cross-channel approach that lacks coherency often misses the point of the data. Instead of worrying about the best approach for each platform, brands are better served thinking how their best message can flow smoothly across each platform. It starts with one strong theme; it can be delivered in multiple ways without upsetting that message.

Strong data science describes some of the reasons customers utilizes multiple channels. Knowing who interacts with your brand (and when) provides you with the opportunity to get closer to your strongest messaging.

At &THEN, you will see how brands in different fields adjusted to these challenges with channel silos. Sling TV, The Tile Shop, Prudential and Ross School of Business all juggle content between direct mail, email, digital, mobile, in store, desktop and streaming devices while advertising on multiple platforms. Without a smart use of data, success would be impossible.

Moderated by Japs-Olson Company, come see industry leaders  from  these brands and hear how they leverage the data on the final day of &THEN 2017.

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