By Eric Schaal

So you need to measure a target audience’s response to your campaign. You have multiple channels working and need a clear picture of the data on every front. Which cross-channel campaign management solution provider is going to get it done for you?

Shopping around can be difficult for companies of any size, but at &THEN 2017 you will have a chance to compare three of the best in one quick session, “Cross-Channel Marketing Technology in Action.” Adobe, IBM and Yes Lifecycle Marketing will sit down for a cross-channel tech throw down onstage in New Orleans. See for yourself which solution is right for your brand without dealing with the sales pitches.

3 test cases in 45 minutes

DMA’s “tech bake-offs” have been popular at previous &THEN conferences, and the data-focused 2017 version is a must for any company looking for a cross-channel marketing solution. To keep the time distributed evenly and offer an outsider’s perspective, Bernice Grossman of DMRS Group will lead the session.

Each of the following brands will present their test case:

  • Adobe. Ben Tepfer, product marketing manager at Adobe, will present his company’s campaign results. As Tepfer wrote on the Adobe blog, jumping into new channels (e.g., SMS or email) will not bring success unless they fit with your brand’s specific profile. Tepfer suggests analyzing what worked in the past before expanding your company’s focus. Customer data is your guiding light throughout the process.
  • IBM. Drew Littlefield, solutions consultant at IBM, brings his brand’s cross-channel campaign management chops to the &THEN session. IBM solutions integrate online and offline data and operate within inbound and outbound channels to do the job. Software solutions are available for target audiences from the thousands to the millions.
  • Yes Lifecycle Marketing. Steve True, director of digital products at Yes Lifecycle Marketing, offers the third campaign management solution for your brand to explore without confronting a sales pitch. True has written at length on the importance of timing in digital campaigns, and the audience will get a look at how Yes Lifecycle Marketing’s mastery of the data with the Yesmail360i platform.

Which will deliver for you?
By seeing the differences in three of the top cross-channel marketing solution providers, you have a chance to see the data at work in real-world situations. Having the data and applying the data effectively are two different things entirely. At &THEN 2017, sessions like this one give brands a chance to peek behind the curtain without having salespeople call your office and send unsolicited materials.

Of course, if you see a solution that could work, you will have the chance to talk it over with representatives from the three companies. &THEN is all about getting work done on-site in New Orleans. When you want to hear more, you’ll have the time and space to do so with presenters.

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