The story of Cassidy Blackwell is a quintessential blogger success story and evidence about how well she understands content in the digital age.

Her blog, Natural Selection, focused on a subject she was passionate about: natural hair. Because of her authenticity, she became a go-to resource, eventually finding an audience of about 50,000 people.

“I needed a place to document my journey in beginning to wear my hair natural,” she said of her blog in a 2012 interview with Shoptiques. “At first it was for me, and now it’s for my community, who comes to read about my tips, techniques, product reviews, travel and all of the crazy things I’m constantly doing to my hair. I love blogging because it allows for endless, and I mean endless, creativity in what I produce. If I dream it up, I know I can make it happen!”

From there, she became a major force in the health and beauty industry. She now leads Brand Marketing at Walker & Company, a family of brands designing health and beauty solutions for people of color. In her role, Cassidy manages communications and content for the company’s flagship brand Bevel, which provides grooming products and services designed to help reduce razor bumps and skin irritation.

This year, design-focused outlet Fast Company named her one of the 100 most creative minds in business.

“Blackwell’s work is most visible on Bevel Code, Walker & Company’s slick grooming-and-fashion website, which functions like a full-blown lifestyle magazine,” Fast Company beamed. “Her team of writers, photographers and videographers create rich stories that readers are unlikely to find elsewhere, including profiles of the personal barbers who lower the ears of President Obama, Kanye West and Jay-Z.”

Cassidy is dedicated to empowering and educating men and women of color about their options in health and beauty. Before Walker & Company, she managed social media for StitchFix and served as global editor for TextureMedia, the world’s largest hair care platform.

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