Otis Maxwell is a Copywriter at Otis A. Maxwell Advertising

Last year I was asked to lead a creative session that had been popular for several years at the DMA annual conference. It was called “The Devil in the Details” and featured examples of good and bad creative, often hilarious. But since the new format called for an audience-led interactive session, I turned the tables by showing a few examples I’d selected, then asking the audience to pile on.

It was a huge hit. The room was packed and creatives and account managers loved the opportunity to air their gripes about crazy clients, up-tight legal departments and the “suits”. Now that we’re back with a better idea of how the Ignition format works, I’ll be ready with some examples to prime the pump and then step back and watch the fireworks happen. (Not to mix a metaphor or anything.)

Here are a few topics as a starter list:

  • Those darn kids… why won’t millennials buy my product?
  • Can brands get away with talking like teenagers in social media?
  • My best idea was killed by the ____ [client, suits, legal department etc]
  • My biggest flop and what I learned from it.
  • Can you be funny and still sell stuff?

And there’s more! If you have topics you’d like to add, email me and we’ll get them into the list. Thanks so much to the late Herschell Gordon Lewis and to Carol Worthington Levy for the original idea… hopefully they would be delighted rather than horrified to see what it’s turned into. See you on Monday, October 17 at 4 pm!