7 Unique Industry Driven Tracks

Accelerate transparency and accountability in marketing by delving into distributed ledger. Blockchain technology is not just for crypto-currency speculators anymore. Marketers can use Blockchain to verify who saw their ad and when, to reward consumers for known behaviors and to provide increased data-use transparency amongst a multitude of other applications. This track will provide some Blockchain for Marketers 101 alongside case studies from organizations already experimenting with Blockchain secured marketing.
Accelerate the effectiveness of every marketing campaign by informing your creative with actual insights. Data Inspired Creative is where right and left brain meet to take an informed understanding of your customer and the market and translate that into messaging and content that resonates with your target audience and increases brand awareness and buying behavior.
Accelerate your data strategy by refining your Marketing Technology stack and the internal structures governing your data collection and management. Too many organizations focus on quantity over quality when it comes to their data and now find themselves drowning in information that may or may not be relevant to their goals. Learn how to ask the right questions and organize your inputs so that the outputs of your analytics deliver great marketing for your customer and real value for your brand.
Accelerate the relevance of your message through improved targeting and reduce churn through proven automation. Programmatic ad buying gets smarter every year and can provide huge cost savings by avoiding wasted ad placements. Take the time to learn how simple and smart automation can improve efficiency and increase profit for your organization.
Accelerate customer loyalty by providing a marketing experience that reflects the careful use of data and an imaginative understanding of customer behavior across channels. Personalization is the marketing hot topic that will make or break your brand. Learn how to emulate the big picture thinking and day to day tactics behind effective personalization practices.
Accelerate your marketing impact with proven strategies to reach customers via innovative print materials that fit into your omni-channel engagement strategy. Digital channels including email and Social have not replaced direct mail, but they do offer the opportunity for customer interaction at every touchpoint. Smart integration of your digital and print communication demonstrates the brand thoughtfulness and savvy today’s customers expect.
Accelerate your digital transformation through mastery of the NEW ROI – Return on Innovation. Determining the true return on marketing innovation is a more difficult to quantify but undeniably necessary approach to evaluating and implementing the right innovations for your organization. Real Innovation relies on careful goal setting, ideation and execution. See how Innovation leaders from a cross-industry mix of brands calculate the NEW ROI and listen as they share their approaches to introducing, implementing and evaluating the latest marketing innovations.
Learn from leading brands, Connect with data visionaries, Elevate your business & Accelerate your career.
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