The VR revolution is here, whether you know it or not.

VR is expected to reach 171 million active users in 2018, up a shocking 90 percent from 2017. And it isn’t just a gimmick that some gamers are experimenting with; only 11 percent of VR users classified themselves as hard-core gamers in 2017, and that group is expected to see lower growth than other audience types.

VR is here, and it’s for everyone.

And everyone will soon be using it, which means marketers need to prepare for a new channel to reach audiences. That doesn’t mean they are, however. Many CMOs and marketing executives have publicly expressed skepticism of VR marketing, and best practices for this emerging channel remain a pipe dream. Many frustrated marketers are seeing VR projects rejected left and right – and this is bad for everyone.

Why? For one simple reason: The intimacy and impact of VR marketing is easy to underappreciate, especially if you’re not a VR user yourself.

The immersive nature of the medium means that VR developers encompass a user’s entire world. This approach isn’t just 360-degree marketing – it’s full sensory marketing. It’s producing an entirely new reality for people to experience and enjoy.

There is a group of creative marketers and brand leaders who know the power of this emerging and fast-growing medium, and they’ll gather together at XRevolution this October as part of &THEN. XRevolution gives marketers and brands the power to create seamless immersive experiences that users love.

The future of augmented reality marketing goes far beyond VR, however, and XRevolution will explore that. With augmented reality (AR), marketers can transform the world around an individual user, adding new information and experiences that can feel otherworldly or magical. The augmented experience can transform the way users see the world – forever.

The power of AR and VR as a marketing channel is quickly becoming apparent to some of the biggest brands in the world, and that’s why they are working to develop new ways of reaching out to customers in these new media.

If you don’t want to miss out on the AR/VR revolution, you need to check out XRevolution and how the best practices of the most immersive and powerful marketing channel in human history are being created, right now. At this year’s &THEN, XRevolution will foster discussions between partners, brands and marketers about how the AR and VR revolution is developing, how brands have used this channel in the past, and how the technology driving these new experiences is evolving.

Unless you want to be on the wrong side of the biggest revolution in tech since the personal computer, you can’t miss this.

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