As a company considers an expansion, there are always tough decisions to make. One involves hiring more people.

How many people will you need as your client base scales up, and can you trim that number down by increasing efficiency? Going too far in either direction will lead to either overspending and limiting profitability, or not having the workforce you need to deliver on company goals.

At &THEN 2018, you will hear from Eve Maidenberg, Stitch Fix’s director of creative operations, on how her company walked the line – and what tools she used to do it.

Merging Creative and Strategy

For starters, a company that cannot assess its strengths and weaknesses will have trouble taking the leap. In an interview with Emotive Brand, Maidenberg explained that she brought a highly analytical approach to Stitch Fix’s creative team.

Using metrics to determine what elements of creative (word choice, images, format) were behind successes and failures, Maidenberg is always looking for ways to increase productivity.

Meanwhile, she advocates bringing creatives into strategy sessions early on in the process. Her vision of breaking down silos and getting everyone on the same page was crucial to scaling up Stitch Fix’s business.

The Wrike Effect

Frazier Miller, chief marketing officer at Wrike, will join Maidenberg for the session at &THEN 2018.

Before putting Wrike’s project management software to work at Stitch Fix, Maidenberg’s team faced the same problems many companies experience when juggling apps and platforms. Notes would get lost or go unseen in one app, while schedules would never get centralized, leading to missed deadlines and other workflow issues.

Maidenberg wanted a single platform that would allow Stitch Fix to increase project delivery with “moderate staffing growth.” After implementing the software, Stitch Fix began handling twice the projects while hiring fewer people than planned.

Meanwhile, Stitch Fix managers reported having many more hours available that had previously been spent on the same projects.

Ramping Up Productivity as One

The key to Stitch Fix’s transformation was bringing everyone onto the same page. While Maidenberg had laid the groundwork with her management style, Wrike provided the technology that allowed the change to take place.

Wrike’s client success manager and account manager worked on the implementation with Maidenberg, ensuring that it was the precise fit for each team at the personal stylist brand.

For any company looking to increase business and handle more accounts without going on a hiring binge, it’s probably time to look into available project management tools. Maidenberg and Miller will explain how Wrike was the solution for Stitch Fix during a session entitled “Scaling Up: Lessons from Stitch Fix on Nailing Creative Delivery” in October at &THEN.

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