Perhaps it’s the result of our increasingly fractious and antagonistic partisan politics or maybe it’s the result of the hypertargeting capabilities of programmatic advertising. Most likely, it’s a bit of both, but it’s undeniable: Whether you’re a marketer or a content producer, you have seen the shift from mass-appeal content to microtargeted content in every vertical and every online publication.

In the last five years, we have seen a number of large publications shift away from the “big story” to many micro stories with specific headlines, leaders and story topics that focus on a fixed and small audience instead of desperately trying to grab any and every possible reader.

Of course, there are two publications where this “micro at a macro scale” business model immediately comes to mind: Vice News and BuzzFeed, who saw the power of low-cost niche content on very specific topics that had an implicit niche audience appeal. And they churned out lots of it, generating scale across multiple microtargeted pieces that could then be monetized by microtargeting ad technology.

Then there was the move from global to regional to local to hyperlocal marketing. In the early days of the shift from newspapers to websites, outlets such as The Guardian and the Daily Mail in the UK and The Washington Post and The New York Times in the US saw an opportunity to gain millions of dollars of ad revenue by extending their reach to a global audience. When that path was exhausted, these publications quickly turned to hyperlocal targeting: using geotags to identify not only the city of a site visitor but also the neighborhood and, therefore, predictive data on that user’s consumption choices and interests. Those insights are now being mined for their greatest value, and creative types who learn how to appeal to this audience will find them even more lucrative.

In these models, though, the creative and the marketing approaches, while running parallel, did not inform one another. That is now changing.

At this year’s &THEN, Shutterstock’s Grant Munro and Johnson & Johnson’s Edlynne Laryea will speak on “Targeting the World: Content Production for Everyone Everywhere,” a panel that focuses on hyperlocal and microtargeting content that will appeal primarily to the audience you want to reach. Emphasizing the tricks and techniques to develop this content on a small budget, Laryea and Munro will discuss how creators can utilize the microtargeting data that has come from years of microtargeting marketing to create new content that can reach a high value audience in just the right way.

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