Is a lack of diversity holding your organization back? That’s a question the leaders of most organizations should be asking themselves, and it certainly applies to equal gender representation in the data industry.

Marketers have to contend with constant shifts in consumer behavior, and less diverse workplaces can see their innovation suffer. At &THEN, four women in senior positions in the industry will discuss hurdles they overcame; the type of mentoring up-and-coming women need; and how companies can avoid gender bias in the years ahead.

Finding Success in the Data Industry

The &THEN panel will feature four women who rose to leadership roles in the industry: Stacey Hawes, president of data practice at Epsilon; Andrea Casanova, Viking Cruises director of database marketing; Debbie Coomer, senior director of marketing analytics and customer insights at ULTA Beauty; and Adrea Rubin, CEO of Adrea Rubin Marketing.

Earlier this year, Rubin sat down with Hawes and spoke of her start in the business. “I think women need to support women,” Rubin said. “Back in the day, I didn’t have that – I had the opposite. [It was] a male-dominated industry.”

The industry has changed over the years. Rubin said she has more of a chance these days to pass along what she learned earlier in her career.

“Now, I’m proud to tell my story”, she said. “If I inspire one woman to go out there and dare to dream big, I’m happy.”

Hawes has also stressed the importance of being a mentor for other women in the industry, and she spoke about that with DMN in April.

“As experienced women in the field, we know how to navigate business politically, what pitfalls to avoid, and we can provide that safety zone for the younger generation to ask and learn from,” she said. “We have the responsibility to encourage them to find their voice and ask the right questions.”

Takeaways for Organizations in 2018

As the members of the panel discuss their successes, they’ll also turn to some of the problems organizations face in 2018, and a lack of diversity is still an issue in the data industry. Changing that will require direct action.

Promoting women to leadership roles is an obvious remedy, but organizations may have trouble seeing beyond a succession plan or face issues with the company’s talent pool. Regardless, the benefits of a diverse staff with equal representation are too convincing to ignore.

Attendees will walk away understanding how diversity impacts their organization, as well as what mindfulness and a greater emotional intelligence bring to the workplace. If your company is still behind in this regard, it’s time to fix the problem.

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