by Matt Sullivan

The ECHO campaigns have been submitted and the judges have made their decisions. The finalists have been revealed and the winners will be unveiled at the ECHO gala in New Orleans on Sunday October 8th.

Did the judges get it right? You Decide!

The Data & Marketing Association has launched the first ever ECHO THROWDOWN competition. You get to see all of the finalist videos and “Up Vote” the one(s) you think are best. It’s a simple vote-based award where you and your colleagues get to choose their favourite ECHO campaign(s).

This new award will be presented at &THEN in front of thousands of other marketers. So, be sure to pick the best and share with your friends and social networks.

Curated Content – Online and On Demand

The ECHO Throwdown is housed on DMA’s new video content platform DMA 360 making the latest insights and inspiration readily available to the international data and marketing community. We’ve been busy ensuring that all of the case study videos of the work are ready for you to see and enjoy.

Now it’s your turn – Get in there and vote

Here are the basic rules and guidelines.

  1. Visit
  2. Vote for your favorite and then share on social media
  3. Share with your friends and colleagues and ask for votes by using the “up vote” facility.
  4. Users can view the videos but must register to up vote
  5. The entry with the most votes wins
  6. Users can only vote once per entry
  7. The deadline is Monday 9th October at 12pm Central Time US.
  8. The winner will be announced at the DMA &THEN conference separate from the ECHO gala

We’re passionate about the campaigns we see in the ECHO Awards and feel lucky to have access to so much inspirational work. Please help us amplify this amazing “best in class” content we have and inspire as many other data and marketing practitioners as we can.

Start your voting!