There is a powerful theory that most marketing professionals are wasting some 90 percent of their marketing resources.

Jeanette McMurtry, a marketing thought leader focused on the intersection of psychology and advertising, bases this concept on giants in psychological theory like Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Daniel Kahneman and Dan Ariely. McMurtry, author of the best-selling and must-read tome Marketing for Dummies, believes the vast majority of marketing dollars are being wasted across the world.

Why? Because most marketing campaigns target the conscious mind. According to many experts, the conscious minds only drives 10 percent of human thought, while the unconscious drives the remaining 90 percent.

“A lot of the marketing we do is catering to the conscious mind, the wrong 10 percent of the decision process,” McMurtry told CNBC. “Oftentimes, that creates disconnect.”

Of course, the conscious and unconscious minds are completely separate when it comes to delineating the values that inspire, motivate and drive how each person acts. Complicating things further, consumers are outrageously inconsistent and irrational when shopping. Most buyers are motivated by deep-rooted schemata that overwhelm known reality and truth; according to McMurtry, this often happens unbeknown to the consumer.

For marketing professionals, crafting psychologically relevant messaging and customer experiences is more critical than ever for breaking through to the triggers of choice in order to build sales and return on investment.

“We are wired to be attracted to things that give us fun,” she explains. “You create that dopamine or oxytocin rush, and it creates that unconscious decision of fun and ‘there is something in it for me.’ It creates trust and a much higher likelihood to continue these behaviors.”

According to McMurtry, branding is key, even down to a simple logo.

“The first few seconds of a glance at a logo creates a stimulus, and people perceive the attributes, character and trustworthiness of a brand,” she continued.

At &THEN this October in Las Vegas, McMurtry will share her vast marketing knowledge about how psychology impacts consumer actions every day. In a session entitled “Personalizing Experiences to the Psychology of Choice,” McMurtry will explore how to take customers on a positive journey to enjoying a brand.

McMurtry will be in discussion with Shelley Sweeney, the vice president of Xerox’s personalized marketing programs, a business that helps create customized marketing campaigns for brands in all industries.

“Xerox has made its mark in this industry with disruptive technology,” Sweeney explains. “We invented the first laser printer; we created the digital publishing market with the DocuTech; and we made digital color printing offset-like, reliable and productive with the iGen.”

This session will teach attendees exactly how consumers really think. It will also reveal why transactional data alone is not enough to power a successful marketing campaign. Finally, it will focus on creating brand experiences that rightly engage customers and ignite enthusiasm for a brand or product.

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