If you want your marketing ROI to take off, you need to become a master of audience segmentation.

Long ago, marketing was about reaching the most general and broadest groups of people. Then as media and marketing got smarter, advertisers learned they could boost performance by segmenting audiences further and further into smaller groups. That trend is still going strong – and it’s not going to change anytime soon.

In fact, audience segmentation is becoming even more refined because new audience segments are continuously yielding new pockets of ROI that would otherwise be impossible to find. And, as any marketer knows, audience segmentation is both a deeply creative and highly complex game: It’s the “secret sauce” that makes one marketer a genius and the other, well, not so great.

And the gap between the segmentation haves and have-nots is getting bigger for one reason: technology.

The tools that are being used by master marketers to segment audiences are growing more complicated, sophisticated and powerful. As a result, segmented campaigns are boosting performance, but the problem marketers have is creating dynamic audience segments that organically respond to changes in reality – especially when there’s a disconnect between the online overlay of real-world commerce and what people are doing in the physical world.

That’s where Foursquare comes into play.

Foursquare has quietly been working for years to develop marketing tools that drive online campaigns and boost sales. Their newest tool is also their best: smart segmentation.

To learn more, come to this year’s &THEN, where Chief of Customer Insight and Innovation at Foursquare Gayle Fuguitt will walk through the segmentation tools that Foursquare uses to drive campaign ROI and drive foot traffic in physical locations.

With tools that identify valuable target audiences and help marketers identify campaigns that will resonate with the people they want to reach, Foursquare has helped many small businesses and powerful brands alike bridge the divide between the online and offline world. That’s important because your marketing should work just how people use technology: as an extra dimension to the real world that complements the actual experience.

This development in digital marketing has been happening for years, but Foursquare takes it to the next level because of their unprecedented local data and ability to bridge the gap in a way that few other data providers can. Plus, their experience with identifying and targeting audiences has given them insights that few local and mobile-first marketers have.

Join us at this year’s event to learn what Foursquare has discovered in its years of online/offline cross-channel marketing. This cutting-edge marketing event is one that you can’t afford to miss.

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