The term might sound silly, but hyper-personalization is an actual thing – and it’s huge.

Just how huge? Ask American Express. They took a hyper-personalization approach to their newsletter and experienced a compound annual growth rate of 150 percent each year in 3 years when it came to engagement and performance.

If that doesn’t get your attention, nothing will.

So what is hyper-personalization? In short, it brings together the best things about digital marketing in 2018 to improve the customer experience and make marketing more relevant, timely and appealing to consumers.

The hyper-personalization journey starts with data. By collecting data on the individual and the individual’s interests, a baseline can be created that becomes the template for a hyper-personalized campaign.

Secondly, data scientists will analyze that data and derive insights about what kind of marketing messages will work and which ones won’t. Those insights then create the basis for marketing decisions and messaging to customers, thereby delivering a superior product that gets results.

When Amex took this approach, their email newsletter grew to its current size: reaching 1.2 million Business Card Members to drive a phenomenal amount of engagement and revenue for the company. And, of course, every time the newsletter delivers engagement and revenue, it also produces more data that the scientists at Amex can use to improve the newsletter, making it more personal and thus achieve even better results.

If you want to know how this complex and dynamic approach to personal marketing works, you need to meet David Knapp and John Hendricks at this year’s &THEN. David Knapp is the digital marketing director at American Express, and he has seen the company’s transformative and trailblazing use of a variety of online channels to drive revenue. John Hendricks is the CEO of ERGO Interactive, a legend in data-driven marketing with an approach to data that goes beyond merely driving revenue to create new branding experiences that can grow and transform businesses.

At this year’s &THEN, Knapp and Hendricks will lead a session titled “Hyper Personalization” where they will present the case study of how the program they started to help Amex’s online newsletter perform far above their expectations.

Long considered one of the most innovative online marketers in the financial vertical, American Express’s use of hyper-personalization is the newest chapter in an incredible marketing story that is still unfolding. You can’t miss this story – especially if you want to get an edge by learning from the best.

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