It’s safe to say that most e-commerce purchases don’t begin and end online. In some cases, consumers look at goods in a brick-and-mortar store only to order online for the sake of convenience or savings.

Meanwhile, offline purchases work the same way. Whether a consumer does the research or reads reviews online, it’s rare the entire journey takes place inside a store.

What if marketers could anticipate that purchase online and quickly send a mailer that ends up closing the deal in a local store? At &THEN 2018, marketing and analytics experts will lead a session on how to do just that using direct mail.

The Retargeted Direct Mail Approach

Most marketers agree that there are better approaches to reaching an audience than the single-channel method. For starters, the number of bots online muddies the measurement of any purely digital campaign.

However, it’s the attention-grabbing aspect of print materials that continue to make them a key element to successful campaigns. As Ron Jacobs, CEO of Jacobs & Clevenger, told MediaPost, “Research shows that people spend more time with physical mail than they do with digital messages…Direct mail is a lot harder to ignore.”

But direct mail is most effective when it anticipates the need of a consumer — one who has been browsing your website in recent days.

At the &THEN session, marketers will see how to turn those browsing sessions into the mailer that ends with a purchase. This retargeted direct mail stresses personalization as much as timeliness.

The Marriage of Analytics and Classic Mailings

Luke Schlegel, executive VP of Analytics and Operations at Nina Hale, will join Thomas Audette, marketing director at Renewal by Andersen, in leading “The Digital Tactic That’s Changing the Way We Engage the Offline Consumer.”

Schlegel’s analytical approach will offer a look into how to read customer traffic on a site. When the behavior suggests a consumer is close to making a purchase, that’s the time to send the mailer offering more information or a promotion.

Audette’s marketing experience at Renewal by Andersen will help guide advertisers toward the right approach from direct mail materials. Getting the personalization element right could be the difference between making the sale and sending the consumer to another retailer.

So is it really possible to send out collateral materials within 12 hours of a consumer’s visit on your website? When your analytics and marketing team are working on the same page, it certainly is. Find out how the pros are doing it at &THEN 2018.

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