Customer experience, or CX, appears to become more and more important as the world becomes more and more digital. Every interaction between a consumer and a brand is crucial. Each interaction can impact sales and how long a person keeps buying from a brand.

A PwC report released earlier this year finds that 73 percent of consumers worldwide rank CX as the third most significant factor in purchasing decisions behind price and quality.

Great CX directly impacts sales, the research firm found.

“Customers also said they were more likely to try additional services or products from brands that provide superior customer experience,” PwC said in its report.

The effects can be wide-ranging. The study found that 43 percent of American consumers would generally refuse to give personal data to a company for a customized brand experience, but 63 percent would be OK with sharing their data if they have positive feelings about the brand.

At &THEN in Las Vegas this October, Ernan Roman will reveal his powerful insights about CX in a session entitled “Breakthroughs in Crossing the CX Chasm by Engaging Customers at 7 Critical Points in their Lifecycle.” Roman, a DMA Hall of Famer, is president of ERDM and has spent years studying and analyzing the nature of customer experience.

Roman has conducted CX research for brand behemoths such as IBM, HP, Gilt and QVC.

“Customers do not feel that marketers are trying to understand the customer journey from the customer’s point of view,” Roman wrote in a blog post. “To many, it feels like ‘customer journey’ is another term for mapping the sales opportunity journey.”

He believes there are seven crucial points in the consumer lifecycle with a brand that must succeed in order to present a great, long-term customer experience. Roman also has strong criticisms of many brands today and how they provide that experience.

“Customers want marketers to move from thinking about individual campaigns to a holistic engagement strategy with proactive value-added touches at key points important to the customer, not the marketer,” he says.

Roman is a firm believer that good CX will convince consumers to share personal data for a great experience, regardless of current privacy concerns.

“Customers want marketers to improve the quality of their data and shift from transaction-based information to opt-in preference-based information which will drive truly personalized communications and offers,” he explained.

Ernan will be joined onstage by Rosie O’Neill, the co-founder of luxury candy boutique Sugarfina, which was recently named one of the “World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies” and “World’s 10 Most Innovative Retailers” by Fast Company.

O’Neill will discuss Sugarfina’s wide-ranging marketing strategies that push for authentic, high-impact and extremely scalable personalization with the company’s customers.

“We’ve created a modern, luxury brand and so we constantly have to stay at the forefront of innovation and delivering a premium experience,” O’Neill told Forbes last year. “Every detail matters and you have to stay true to your brand while staying fresh and new. It’s a delicate balance and one that has to be constantly thought through.”

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