by Neil O’Keefe

At the heart of all great relationships, lies an “&”. That’s why today, you will find an ampersand at the heart the newly branded Data & Marketing Association. For over a century, our members have appreciated the value of data to build better relationships between consumers and the most important brands in their lives. Today, above all else, DMA members are co-creating a new future of data-inspired marketing.

Let’s get Technical

The word ampersand is a corruption of the phrase “and per se & (and)”, meaning “and by itself and(represented by &).

Let’s get Practical

Ordinary things that go together are joined by the word “and”. Peanut butter and jelly. Cats and dogs. But, when the union of two things raises its value beyond the sum of both individual things, then it is joined by an “&”.

Let’s get Real

The ampersand signifies something more, something special. That’s why it is the marque of the annual event of the Data & Marketing Association. Nothing else even comes close to the Scale & Scope of &THEN. With speakers from AT&T, JPMorgan Chase & Co & nearly one hundred leading-edge companies, &THEN covers the entire universe of the data & marketing ecosystem. It’s truly incredible.

Let’s Connect

Of the four pillars of the Data & Marketing Association none represents &THEN more so than “Connect”. The strength of &THEN and the Data & Marketing Association lies with our members who will attend the event. We look forward to seeing members such as H&R Block, Crate & Barrel,Deere & Co and many others connect at &THEN.

Hopefully we’ll see you to.

Get Your Ticket

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