By Clint Demeritt

Within the fast changing sphere of the internet age, brands have to be responsive to the ever-changing dynamics of the market by constantly testing to figure out the shifting whims of their customers.

Making sure customers are having the best experience possible is no easy feat, but making sure you are listening to their needs has been made all the easier with technology. In the DMA &THEN session “Customer-Centricity: How Betabrand Creates Best-in-Class Experiences,” speakers Aaron Magness, CMO for Betabrand, and Yak Gertmenian, former head of client strategy at AOL, will talk about how they built their best-in-class approaches to engaging customers.

Betabrand is a company that is always testing to see if it’s hitting the mark with customers and finding their “Happy Path.” The San Francisco-based clothing retailer runs a Kickstarter-esque fashion community where customers codesign the products. This partnership has resulted in products such as “Dress Pant Yoga Pants,” the Executive Hoodie and Black Sheep Sweaters.

In an interview with Ad Exchanger, Magness talked about the importance of using smart targeting to reach customers just when they are interested in buying their product. Betabrand uses Facebook to great effect, spending about 80 percent of its acquisition budget on the social media platform. The clothing company uses the marketing platform Sailthru to dive deeper into Facebook’s Custom Audiences to marry customer retention efforts with user acquisition data to find customers with high lifetime values who are getting ready to make a purchase.

Betabrand is using this technique to more precisely direct its creative assets to be more relevant to its audience. The creative content of an email might change depending on whether that consumer clicked on a Facebook ad or an Instagram ad.

“We really want our email strategy to be our ‘maintenance’ tool that keeps people engaged with products through a relevant story that goes along with it,” he told Ad Exchanger.

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