Thanks For Attending &THEN!

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Cecilia Winters has served with the @USPS for over 30 years, we discussed the new #InformedDelivery service at the @DMA_USA #andthen18 conf. Genuine is her pride for letter carriers who go out in all conditions. Our complete talk on:

Congrats to the winner of the @amazonecho Show! Thanks for stopping by our booth at the @ECHO_DMA @DMA_USA #andthen18

📅#WEBINAR Le 22 novembre, découvrez les futures tendances #marketing tout droit venues des US. Un rdv de 30min pour inspirer votre stratégie #digitalMarketing et #DataMarketing 2019 ! Inscription et replay ➡️

So much fun at the International ECHO Awards and &THEN - #ECHOdma #andTHEN18 #marketing

Le salon #Conext ouvre demain à Lille. Les topics ? De retour de la DMA à Las Vegas, Didier Farge - président de @conexance_md et de Conext Show - lève le voile ➛ #andthen18 @DMA_USA @ANAmarketers @dfarge

From 'City of Lights' (Las Vegas) to 'Silicon Valley of India' (Bangalore). After an excellent stint at #andthen18, DecisionMines is now heading to @NASSCOM_Product Conclave from Oct 25 – 26. Your chance to know how our data-driven solutions are transforming global businesses!

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