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New Orleans, LA

The Latest Marketing Technologies and Strategies

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These casual presentations show you how to optimize your marketing campaigns using the latest technology. Get an inside look at what strategies and tactics are working for data-driven marketers. Make sure you come by and experience one, two or all while you’re here.


Sunday, October 16th

4:00PM – 4:25PM | Using Twitter’s Unique Data to Meet Cross-Device Challenges

Discover how you can use real-time data from Twitter in order to influence people to convert as they move across devices, apps, and websites. Learn More

Monday, October 17th

10:00PM – 10:25PM | Cloudy With a Chance of Identity: The Future of Marketing May Very Well Rest in the Clouds

As the marketing clouds and Identity gather steam, a perfect storm awaits. Will they be friend or foe? Learn More

11:00AM – 11:25AM | Using Twitter All The Way Along the Funnel: Samsung UK Strategies

Join us as we share how one of the world’s biggest brands in mobile devices harnesses the power of Twitter to reach and activate millions of people for their latest product launches. Learn More

12:00PM – 12:25AM | Behind the Buzz of People-Based Marketing: How the Hottest Buzzwords of 2016 Actually Work in the Wild

Deterministic match rates, accuracy, reach, recall and precision are all critically important in the world of cross-device identity and people-based marketing. But they are both the most used — and most misused — words in marketing and advertising technology. Here’s where you’ll learn what they really mean, and how four different companies got behind the buzz in people-based marketing and media.
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4:00PM – 4:25PM | The ID Graph Evolution: Breaking Down the Walls and Connecting the Dots

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Tuesday, October 18th

10:00AM – 10:25AM | Cut Once, Measure 3.8 Times. Measuring Advertising Campaigns in a Post-Cookie World

Attendees to this session will learn about the real challenges and powerful benefits from the trenches of cross-device ad targeting, delivery and measurement. Join one of adtech’s largest independent demand-side platforms and cross-device connected identity solutions provider for this exploration of the future of cookie-less web and mobile media measurement.
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12:00PM – 12:25PM | Breaking Down the Walls: A World without Channels

Consumers don’t think about channels, they think about experiences with your brand. How do we get there?
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